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Conner S.
Syndicate Tech Lead
"As a contributor to multiple projects at once, I spend a lot of time trying to understand codebases and keep up to date with their changes."
Alex C.
Stripe SWE
“Realistically I spend more time browsing through code than actually reading it. ”
Andrew D.
SnackPass Tech Lead
“We are seeing bottlenecks in a lot of things including making it easy for people to find things in the code base.”
Abhinav N.
Uber SWE
“The only time I have to interact with the codebase extensively is when I integrate my ML models. I want to streamline this process.”
Xitang Z.
Dropbox SWE
“Onboarding at large companies is usually a pain. I hate it when I need to ask my managers for help - feels like sh*t.”

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